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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

a day to dye for.....

Wahay!!! reached over 1,000 page views this week. Thank you to everyone who has had a little look here.
Such a lovely day yesterday, bright and breezy, perfect for having a go at some dyeing. I am obsessed with cotton scrim at the moment and couldn't wait to see how I could transform a plain piece into something more exciting. My friend Jayne (Jayne Hewison Textile Designer) offered to show me the ropes. This is how we did the first piece.... 

 ... soaked the scrim well in water, transferred to a dye pot of  pinky-coloured dye and left on a low heat on the stove. Rinsed and squeezed out the scrim and layed it flat on the table. Mixed up small containers of  blue and purple dye of varying intensity. Splodged (technical term) and brushed dye on randomly.

 Rinsed well again
 and hung out to dry
 in the warm breeze
 Here is violet sporting the finished article
And this is another piece with more subtle colour tones. Think I could become hooked on dyeing. Thanks for a fabulous day Jayne !!!


Jayne said...

Dyeing is such fun. We have a lovely day, good company, nice food, including chocolate eclairs and cadbury buttons! Can't wait to see the pieces turned into lovely scarves. Jx

Maria said...

Lovely colors and patterns! A great piece of felt for sure, and you had chocolate to boot... :)

Gill Pinkney said...

thank you Maria....yes, chocolate is a must. Your polymer tile frames are beautiful, I love the colours you use!!