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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

love is in the air...

such a lovely day in my home town of Whitley Bay on the North East coast of England. You can see St Mary's Lighthouse in the background. I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country and to spend my day sewing in my loft to the sound of the sea and the sea gulls. I have been adding the finishing touches to some love tokens I started making yesterday because a gallery I supply in Hexham has sold 
out and customers have been asking for them. Romance is alive and well in lovely!!!
Yesterday I wet felted the tokens and used scraps of silk and cotton scrim to decorate...
hearts being the obvious motif.
While I was doing this my friend Jayne was making beautiful necklaces using pieces of previously hand dyed linen and lace, she fondly describes as 'me scrats'.
Here are examples of the basic tokens
ready to be embellished.
And here are  are some of them
decorated with embroidery, needle felting, ribbon and buttons
and ready to be sent to 'Artful' to spread the lurv......

Friday, 4 May 2012

new look blog

I'm quite pleased with it considering it was all changed at 2 o'clock this morning. I was happily surfing the net last night and went to my blog only to be met with a scary warning message not to proceed as my site may be infected...OH NO!!!! It seems that some content I have used from an external site was the problem. I checked my site using Google Webmaster Tools, it was clean but I removed the offending content anyway, which was my template, and then had to make it look reasonable before I went to bed. Tired this morning but relieved it's sorted and I apologise to anyone who tried to look at my blog yesterday and was greeted with the scary message. Will be sticking with blogger templates from now on, third party ones look so pretty and colourful but I would advise not to be tempted by them. Anyway, all squeaky clean now, thank goodness

here are a few pics of stuff ...
I've been working on.....

this week to send to Artful in Hexham .....